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About Us

Transforming Brands

A mother, a woman in tech, a millennial acting as a humble leader and representative amongst her generation well overdue for a rebranding. She seeks to establish herself as an innovator and curator in a career path that leads the digital marketing and advertising industry into tomorrow. She continues to exemplify immense integrity, technological functionality comprehension, diverse and popular networking reputations, and impressive analytical reporting capabilities despite all of life’s simultaneous brutal trials and tribulations; which in turn, showcases her strength in the development and organizational implementation of processes delegated to her that then fuel those around her to their inevitable success stories.

Business Team

Our Story

Hardworking experienced digital marketing specialist and consultant seeking employment. Bringing forth a motivated attitude and a variety of powerful skills. Adept in various social media platforms and office technology programs. Committed to utilizing my skills to further the mission of a company.

Proven ability to establish and maintain excellent communication and relationships with clients. Dedicated to identifying customer needs and delivering effective solutions to all problems. Excellent time management skills combined with superior knowledge of the customer service industry. Highly organized, and skilled in written and verbal communication. A strong leader who works well under pressure, and exudes positivity. Adept in making key decisions and working with other professionals to achieve goals and solve problems. Experienced in managing employee and community programs, and dedicated to successfully directing business operations. Highly competent communicator skilled in multitasking and effectively communicating with others. Adept at receiving and monitoring data from multiple data streams, including Access, SQL, and Excel data sources. Bringing forth the ability to synthesize quantitative information and interact effectively with colleagues and clients. Proven track record of generating summary documents for senior management for monthly and quarterly audit and compliance reporting.

Meet She Does Marketing

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